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― Dan Brown, Angels & Demons


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PokejinkaFamily: Huge Giveaway! 3200 Points

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 7:01 PM

Hello everyone! The members of :iconpokejinkafamily: are hosting a giveaway!

The Background:

PokejinkaFamily has undergone some major revamping! We are looking to promote our new look and storyline and spread the word to anyone interested. We are a family of roleplay-lovers centered around pokemon gijinkas; anyone can create an application to join!

The What:

This is a mixed-prize giveaway! There are artworks and points currently donated as prizes for the Grand winner and runner-ups. All that's asked of you is just a couple things that take seconds to do.

The How To Participate:

:bulletpurple: +Fav this journal entry
:bulletblue: +Watch PokejinkaFamily
(We won't spam your inbox, if you are concerned!)
:bulletgreen: Advertise this giveaway in a journal or poll of your own
:bulletorange: Link your advertisement back in a comment on this journal!
:bulletpurple: That's it! You're eligible to win!

The By When:

This giveaway is still undergoing prize gathering! A deadline has not been confirmed. For now, a tentative deadline will be placed on November 1st, giving you at least a full month to help spread the word as much as possible.

The Drawing of Winners:

Winners will be determined using the numbers given to deviants that have +Fav'd this journal (visible on the right hand side of the screen; view the 'who?' link next to the number of favorites!) and then picked using Each winning deviant chosen will have their requirements checked: if they deleted their advertisement journal, didn't +Watch PokejinkaFamily, or didn't link their advertisement, a new winner will be drawn to replace them. This process will be repeated until eligible winners have filled the Grand Prize and Runner-Up places entirely.

The Prizes (OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY:squee:):

Grand Prize

:bulletpurple: Your choice of 2,000:points: or $25 via PayPal - by :icondigsie:Digsie
:bulletpurple: A knee-up painted illustration with simple bg (single character) - by :icondigsie:Digsie
:bulletpurple: Full-Colored Headshot and Half-Body with decorative bg - by :iconturquoisewolfstar7:TurquoiseWolfStar7

First Runner-Up

:bulletblue: Your choice of 800:points: or $10 via PayPal - by :icondigsie:Digsie
:bulletblue: A waist-up painted illustration with simple bg (single character) - by :icondigsie:Digsie
:bulletblue: A gijinka design - by :iconspunpinksugarglaze:SpunPinkSugarGlaze
:bulletblue: A Full-colored full-body with simple bg - by :iconoonekopandaoo:OoNekoPandaoO

Second Runner-Up

:bulletgreen: Your choice of 400:points: or $5 via PayPal - by :icondigsie:Digsie
:bulletgreen: A rough bust painting with simple bg - by :icondigsie:Digsie
:bulletgreen: Uncolored full-body sketch - by :iconfaunav:FaunaV
:bulletgreen: A Full-colored chibi with simple bg - by :iconoonekopandaoo:OoNekoPandaoO

Third Runner-Up

:bulletorange: 100:points: - by :icondigsie:Digsie
:bulletorange: A fullbody sketch - by :icondigsie:Digsie
:bulletorange: A headshot sketch - by :iconspunpinksugarglaze:SpunPinkSugarGlaze
:bulletorange: Uncolored full-body sketch - by :iconfaunav:FaunaV
:bulletorange: A Full-colored chibi sketch - by :iconoonekopandaoo:OoNekoPandaoO

:star:Any prize donators are very much appreciated! Just comment below or send me a note with what you'd like to contribute.
:heart:You do not have to be a member of PokejinkaFamily to participate!
:heart:Current members, as of September 30th, of PokejinkaFamily are not eligible to win (talk to me--I've got an offer for you members!).

>>>Have any questions? Send me a note!<<<


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Are you on Skype?
Digsie Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student General Artist
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